Elite Coffee Range

Kimbo Coffee Espress Italiano - Elite Range
Kimbo Coffee Espress Italiano - Gran Gourmet

Gran Gourmet

This blend enjoys a very high percentage of Arabica with some Robusta for depth and body. The green beans here are sourced from Central America and Indonesia and during their light roast develop their true subtle character; a medium body, sweet flavour and mild acidity in the cup. This blend seems also to produce wonderful results through fully automatic bean to cup machines in our experience.

Kimbo Coffee Espress Italiano - Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Our limited edition blend is a true quality offering. A composition of dark roasted Southern American , Indian and Java beans are combined in a predominantly Arabica blend to produce a full bodied, sweet, chocolaty, creamy aromatic cup of espresso. Intense and satisfying.

Kimbo Coffee Espress Italiano - 100% Arabica

100% Arabica

As the name suggests, this blend is totally Arabica derived, sourced from Brasil and the Central American Highlands. Only the finest grades of beans are chosen and roasted to a medium profile. This coffee has a mild aroma, medium body with a sweet flavour and a delicate acidity in the cup.