Coffee Blends

Our coffee is now available in all formats; espresso beans, preground, pods (ESE), capsules, filter and bulk brew. Our pack sizes range from small retail packs to 12kg cases.

Our warehouse can fulfill any orders next day if we place pre-noon Monday to Thursday.

Elite Coffee Range

Kimbo Coffee Espresso Italiano - Elite Range of Roasted Coffee

Packaged in 3kg beautiful tins, our Elite range are an exclusive range of the finest beans roasted to perfection. Here the path to quality is uncompromised and our green buying teams in Naples, Vietnam and Singapore seek out the best raw materials and create in conjunction with our roasters the best roast profile for each bean, then blending to produce exquisite tastes that are unique, engaging and delightful. Our 100% Arabica blend is a clear match for any other premium or boutique coffee on the market today.

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Bar Range

Kimbo Coffee Espresso Italiano - Bar Range

Our bar range is our commercial solution to top quality beans in the bar, restaurant, hotel and cost sector markets. All blends are packaged in kilo bags and the range covers a wide spectrum of taste profiles from lighter roasts with lighter body to fuller roasts with much body. Extra Cream is our UK best seller, producing a reassuringly strong crema even with new baristas and cuts through milk superbly for the milk coffee culture we have here. Our coffees have distinct flavours, aromas and characteristics yet all are the true mark of quality. Taste Kimbo and you’ll taste the difference!

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Roasted Coffee Blends

Kimbo Coffee Espresso Italiano - Roasted Coffee Blends

For home and office often ‘monodose’ or single serve’ solutions are the best offering perfect freshness, perfect dose and zero waste irrespective of how often you take your coffee. We also sell/lease/free loan machines for use with these products along side excellent milk foamers that allow the office junior or home coffee novice to make lattes to perfection. Whether it’s pods, capsules or beans you require, we’ve got it covered!

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